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medomyself© Nbvember 11, 2015

Who Am I?

I am a retired military veteran that no longer has to be “on-call” 24/7, stand watches or be apart from my family for months at sea. I enjoy tinkering in my passive and active  solar workshop and I love to make yard games for my grand-daughters.

I would like to share my ideas with you.


I am not a prepper in the traditional sense, but I am certainly prepared.  When the time comes I hope I will have made enough preparations to provide a safe environment for my family, if not for just a little while.

Will you have an emergency source of power for cooking?

Sanitizing drinking water?

General Lighting?

I consider these to be very basic needs and this is what I am preparing for.


I hope I can help.


David Weaver

Creativity is messy…and I am very creative!


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