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medomyself© Nbvember 11, 2015

medomyself© Nbvember 11, 2015

Build Your Own Portable Soil De-compactor

Simple build that does not cost much to make and the results are amazing.

I decided to emulate this device using high-pressure air, I used a small “pancake” air compressor and household water pressure via a garden hose. I used about 120 psi of air pressure and 60 psi of water pressure. I first introduced water to soften the soil and to create a resistant force for the air to push against. I have found that during the dry months injecting air without moistening it first does very little.

That water was introduced through a gate valve until the water percolated up through the ground. I then closed the water valve and fired a burst of air with a slide valve and QEV valve. It just so happens that the very same device I use for the air cannon is what I use to operate the soil de-compactor. The only difference is the barrel and the addition of a water connection through a “T” connector.