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medomyself© Nbvember 11, 2015

Build Your Own Solar Auto-Tracking Mount

No fixed angle solar panel will out perform a panel of the same size that tracks the Sun. An auto-tracking mount will take solve that problem and you can build it yourself.


As long as the earth rotates the Sun will track the sky from East to West. Considering that a solar panel is only producing maximum power when it is at right angles to the Sun it stands to reason that those same panels are only producing maximum power for a very brief portion of the day. These same panels, if turned every few minutes would be much more efficient.  How are you going to do that with a beer in one hand and a burger in the other?

The system pictured above will track the Sun from sunrise to sunset and it doesn’t require food or drink.  This system is constructed with aluminum extrusion, a sturdy set of wheels, a single axis tracker with a manual inclination…


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