Best Power Packs

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Best Power Packs

The best power packs for camping are portable, light-weight and provide enough storage to last the night. Power packs provide a clean, quiet source of electrical power for home use, camping, home and field work. These systems come with a storage battery that remains charged using household power.  In an emergency, or when the power pack is put into action, the battery starts to discharge at a rate that is dependent upon the load. When the battery becomes discharged you will have to rely on another power source to recharge the power pack.  Normally this would be done with household power, but what do you do when there is no power?  Electrical storms, high winds and black outs will prevent you from recharging….enter solar


Build Your Own Solar

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Build a Passive Solar Workshop

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What a unique and clever product the Biolite Campstove is, in fact, their full line of products are equally innovative.  The Bilolite Campstove is not just a stove it is a thermo-electric power source that will generate enough power to recharge a cell phone or power a small USB light.

With only a few small twigs that you can pack in or find on the trail you can generate a fire in a matter of moments inside the chamber. You can cook a meal, boil water, charge your phone or light up the area with this one incredible device.

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